Posted by: mdegeorge | July 8, 2010

Three jeers for King James

Hard to believe as it may be, I actually had something better to do tonight than enjoy a 17-hour SportsCenter special edition before a one-hour press conference which could have been summed up for me by a succinct press release. And to make it all worse, there wasn’t even a surprise! We knew Lebron was going to the Heat all day, making the line to kiss his, uh, rings, all the more unbearable and anticlimactic.

So, even without the massive build up and demagogical status being bestowed upon King James, here is a list of some of the most important points of the night that ESPN won’t be covering.

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– Gretzky didn’t need Lemieux to win a Stanley Cup. Bird didn’t need to be on the same team as Magic to win his titles. The greatest players have a knack for making those around them better, elevating them to superstar status. More often than not, it takes a special mix of players that drive each other to excel past their expectations, not a group of superstars entering with already astronomical expectations. Just saying…

– I’m really torn here on Bron Bron’s decision. On one hand, he did take less money to be part of a winning team. But he also chose the easier path to what he hopes to be a championship. He spurned the hometown favorites, but he also stayed away from the Mecca of overhype and pomp that came with the Knicks. But, he’s finding much of the same in the NBA’s equivalent of Sin City, Miami. I’m giving it a thumbs down.

– I can’t be the only one who rolled his eyes when Lebron complained about “being 31 years old with bad knees and no title.” It’s not the kind of statement a true superstar makes. He made this move out of fear, not greed or anything like that. Jordan, for all his fierce competitiveness bordering on hubris, never played with that kind of fear, or at least never showed it. It’s not the attitude you would expect from King James, but rather a scared 26-year-old who’s feeling the weight of history on his shoulders.– How gratuitous was ESPN’s coverage? I’m glad that I didn’t indulge in the spectacle, because I’m sure that vomiting would have ensued. But at least it won’t throw off their ever-unflappable news judgment, since they’ll allot about 45 total seconds of SportsCenter to highlights of Roy Oswalt’s one-hitter, John Danks’ two-hitter, and the showdown between Ubaldo Jimenez and Chris Carpenter…combined.

– Is there anyone who still thinks this isn’t collusion? Notice the wording on all the announcements. Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade all “agreed to join the Heat”, not signed a contract. As in, “I’m in if Lebron’s in; if not, I’m free to head elsewhere.” They all waited for each other to move, and then maneuvered as best they could to stack the odds.

– If it wasn’t for Betty White, the city of Cleveland would cease to exist tonight.

– Oh, boo hoo for the poor Knicks. It makes their offseason pretty much a dud and tempers the disdain for Miami (as in, “At least he didn’t go to the Knicks!”, since the stampede of fans coming out of the woodwork like roaches would have been utterly unbearable. They did bring in Amare, but by losing David Lee, that gain is minimized. And I wouldn’t put my faith in Ronny Turiaf (a bit player with a heart defect), Anthony Randolph (who hasn’t played a game since January), and Kelenna Azubuike (who received $300,000 for each of the nine games he played last season) to vault them into the postseason.

– And is there anyone less happy than the Nets (well, other than the Cavs). Their big offseason spending spree that was supposed to bring in Lebron instead netted the irresistible force that is Travis Outlaw.


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  2. dont know if you saw this….

    the knicks are now just taking shots in the dark it seems. if the knicks are going to trade away d lee to the warriors, they should do whatever they need to get curry. or at least ellis. maybe then a team of amare and curry is a little better.

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