Posted by: mdegeorge | August 26, 2010

Follow the Sports Doctor on the Sports Grid

Been missing the Sports Doctor lately? Can’t get enough snarky, whimsical humor?

I know you the feeling. That’s why you should check out my work on a new blog, The Sports Grid.

This week’s posts include:

– A great video if you don’t mind laughing at others’ footballing misfortunes.

– Video of the Army’s newest ex-parachutist (though he’s lucky that’s the only “ex” designation he gets after this minor mishap.

– An exploration of Bear Bryant’s past on the FBI’s watch list.

– The admiration and acrimony over Bud Selig’s new statue in Milwaukee.

– The return of everyone’s favorite badass, Mountain West Conference, women’s soccer defender.

Keep and eye out for new stuff every day from myself and the Sports Grid’s talented team of bloggers.

Follow us on Facebook, and sign up for daily alerts on our main page.

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