Posted by: mdegeorge | November 8, 2010

This is SportsCenter commercial of the week: Big buddy program

Monday mornings are always tough to deal with, especially if your Wade Phillips (hope he’s been stockpiling office supplies for the last several months.)

So to spirit away some of that new week malaise, I’ll be digging deep into the outer reaches of YouTube for yesteryear’s best entries in the most important sports marketing campaign the Western world has ever known: the two-decade behemoth “This is SportsCenter”.

Today, we’re digging deep into the mid 1990s archives–and yes, everything in life was that blurry back then–to find this spot on with featuring a number of figures who have changed dearly in the last decade and a half. You’ve got Kenny Mayne and  Stuart Scott, who are now borderline unbearable, and you’ve got Jayson Williams, who, well…yeah.

But back then, they were able to combing for this little ditty that makes splurging on that babysitter trying to pay her way through college seem not that bad. It features one of the top ten lines in SportsCenter commercial history when Mayne lambastes an injured child, “Walk it off!! Your parents signed the permission slip!” Classic.


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