Posted by: mdegeorge | December 31, 2010

Bowl Bonanza Update: Halfway point

We’re roughly at the halfway point of the Bowl season, so it seems as good a time as any for a look at the progress of my picks this far. And the record is…


The Wins

BYU, Troy, Boise State, San Diego State, Air Force, Maryland, Illinois, Oklahoma State, North Carolina

Comfortable wins by Maryland, BYU, Troy, Boise State, SD State, and Oklahoma State. Air Force pulled out a squeaker in a lower-scoring affair than I would have assumed. Didn’t think Illinois would romp as it did, but I’ll take it. And North Carolina-Tennessee turned out to be as entertaining as I could have imagined.

The Losses

Fresno State, Southern Miss, Hawaii, Toledo, West Virginia, Missouri, SMU, Kansas State, Nebraska

Where to begin the acrimony? I’m severely disappointed in Hawaii not being able to defend its home turf and for leaving its passing attack home. Toledo had the game all sown up with its late gutsy call…until FIU’s great comeback. Kansas State got a bit of a raw deal with that dubious unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It’s tough to be mad at Army for its effort. It’s easy to be made at Southern Miss’ stinker, Missouri’s underwhelming performance, West Virginia’s phoning it in, and Nebraska’s no-show. But at the same time, credit has to be due to Kirk Ferentz and Iowa for getting things together in a tough situation; ditto for Northern Illinois during a coach change.



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