Posted by: mdegeorge | January 10, 2011

This is “SportsCenter” commercial of the week: Betrayal

Mondays are always tough to deal with, especially here in Philadelphia.

So to spirit away some of that new week malaise, I’ll be digging deep into the outer reaches of YouTube for yesteryear’s best entries in the most important sports marketing campaign the Western world has ever known: the two-decade behemoth “This is SportsCenter”.

You’re probably sitting around a conference room discussing even more meaningless topics than how to crease the brim of a baseball cap, like Chet from accounting’s three-day weekend plans. A little betrayal, anything, would liven up the day, even if of the colossal proportions of a David-Ortiz-to-the-Yankees swap. For as funny as Big Papi’s reaction is, Wally the Green Monster steals the show in this one in a way few mascots can. Even without changing facial expressions, his storm-off is epic; I’m sure it’s one many of us would love to replicate right about now.

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