Posted by: mdegeorge | January 19, 2011

Last week on SportsGrid

It was a busy week for the Doctor on SportsGrid, covering a wide variety of off the wall topics.

It started (it was a little over a week ago, but who’s counting?) with a great editorial by The Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley in which he came out of the closet. My post summarized some of the initial reaction, but the column itself more than stands for itself.

The world of soccer also provided social media silliness stories aplenty. First, Liverpool’s Ryan Babel ran off at the Twitter feed, doctoring a photo of referee Howard Webb to show him wearing a Manchester United shirt after feeling wronged by the official in a cup tie between the teams, a decision that has since taken a sizable chunk out of the Netherlands winger’s pocket. Stoke City striker Tuncay Sanli used his Facebook account for more altruistic means: posting a highlight video in an effort to get increased playing and/or a transfer.

On the gridiron, a bad year just got worse for Brett Favre thanks to the arrest of his sister, Brandi, in a raid of a suspected meth lab in a condo complex in scenic Diamondhead, Mississippi. A bit of good did come out of the week though, with newly deposed Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez turning to charity to donate a truckload of Wolverine gear to the Salvation Army, a sale that netted over $16,000, or Cam Newton’s services for three games.

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