Posted by: mdegeorge | February 5, 2011

Visa signature irony: The Super Bowl jinx

Plenty of the multimillion dollar commercials that will grace the breaks in the action of tomorrow’s Super Bowl XLV will feature irony as a means of humor. Visa, one of the traditional big spenders on Super Sunday, doled out their irony a few months early.

Their ad profiling the “Never miss a Super Bowl club” featured four men proud to display their ticket stubs from all 44 Super Bowls. But it turned out to be the ultimate jinx for one member.

Robert Cook, a 79-year-old resident of Brown Deer, Wisconsin and the bearded one of the four featured, will have to sit at home and watch the 45th installment of the big game after being hospitalized Thursday. He was packed and ready to go earlier in the week, according to the Associated Press report, but began to feel weak and had to be admitted.

The kicker in all this is that Cook is a diehard Packers fan. On the bright side, however, his two daughters will be making the trip to Arlington accompanied by a large photo of their father attached to a stick so he can be there in spirit (which sounds kinda creepy).

I hope this sends a clear message to the other three: Look both ways before you cross the street or Visa will get you next.

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