Posted by: mdegeorge | February 14, 2011

“This is SportsCenter” commercial of the week: Usain Bolt

Mondays are always tough to deal with, especially if you’re recovering from the food coma that I put myself into during the Super Bowl last night.

So to spirit away some of that new week malaise, I’ll be digging deep into the outer reaches of YouTube for yesteryear’s best entries in the most important sports marketing campaign the Western world has ever known: the two-decade behemoth “This is SportsCenter”.

If only we could all have a work day that lasted less than 10 seconds as this Usain Bolt spot lampoons. Imagine clocking in and out so fast your barely have time to take off your coat. I guess the trade off is the years of intense training and dedication Bolt has given to his craft. Then there’s that whole being genetically predisposed and gifted with a physique designed to reach preternatural speeds usually reserved for the animal kingdom. Still, a boy can dream…

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