Posted by: mdegeorge | March 7, 2011

“This is SportsCenter” commerical of the week: Landon Donovan

Mondays are always tough to deal with, especially if you’re recovering from the food coma that I put myself into during the Super Bowl last night.

So to spirit away some of that new week malaise, I’ll be digging deep into the outer reaches of YouTube for yesteryear’s best entries in the most important sports marketing campaign the Western world has ever known: the two-decade behemoth “This is SportsCenter”.

Since it appears the ESPN brass (some could argue you could lose those first two letters and still convey the same meaning) has gone a recent run of copyright claims for its older commericals on YouTube, I’ve had to resort to more recent spots to fill these Monday reminiscences. Still, anger towards at an inanimate object doesn’t seem that far-fetched at this point in the day, especially if this computer continues to move as slowly as it has all day. The only problem is that in soccer, picking up a red card like Landon Donovan does doesn’t mean you forfeit your pay from that day. Picking one up in corporate America leads to a little bit more bitter walk to the showers.

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