Posted by: mdegeorge | April 11, 2011

Carl Lewis’ electoral bomb about to hit Burlington County (VIDEO)

Voters in Burlington County, New Jersey will awaken Monday to news of a familiar name on the ballot: Carl Lewis.

The nine-time goal medalist will throw his hat in the ring for the democratic nomination for a state senate seat in the 8th state legislative district. Lewis has scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m. Monday ahead of the 4 p.m. deadline to submit applications . The native of Medford will seek an opportunity to run against incumbent Republican Dawn Addiego for the seat that cover the heavily right-leaning section of east Burlington County.

He joins notable sports figures such as former Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swann (2006 Pennsylvania gubernatorial election), Flyers forward Brian Propp (state assembly in New Jersey’s 7th legislative district, also in Burlington County, in 2007), and Eagles lineman Jon Runyan (House of Representatives seat in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district). The previous two were unsuccessful in their attempts.

It’s a bit early for mud-slinging, but do expect Lewis’ patriotism to be called on the carpet for this number, both for his vocal stylings (or lack thereof) and the outfit. To help out the track star, here are a few slogans he might be able to lean on:

“Carl Lewis: He can run for you!”

“Carl Lewis: He’ll make up for it now!”

“Carl Lewis: The gold-medal candidate”

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