Posted by: mdegeorge | April 15, 2011

The glory of minor league baseball: Monkeys, dogs and goats…oh my (Video)

There’s no end to the enjoyment that can be had at a minor league ballpark. The giveaways, the proximity to players who are usually young, humble kids, the intimacy that hearkens back to days before baseball was a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s enough to shake the disenchantment the Majors has long built up. Some of my best childhood and baseball memories came courtesy of the Atlantic League’s Newburgh Nighthawks and Newburgh Black Diamonds, teams from my home town at whose games my father and I were fixtures, regardless of their records. I can still recall Sparky Lyle, the manager of the Somerset Patriots, making such a scene during an ejection that the cops had to be called.

That stroll down memory lane brings me to an awesome video courtesy of the Peoria Chiefs, the Chicago Cubs A affiliate and this video of their event promoting “Team Ghost Riders“. What’s that you say? Well, quite simply, it’s a team of goat-herding dogs ridden by monkeys. I’ll let the video explain.

Video via NESN


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