Posted by: mdegeorge | April 26, 2011

A pair of bad breaks for MLS (VIDEO)

American soccer was delivered a pair of brutal blows this weekend in injuries to big name players that could change the face of the Western Conference race.

The reigning MVP and FC Dallas midfielder David Ferreira was felled by a crunching tackle from Vancouver Whitecaps defender Jonny Leathers (video below). Leathers appeared to get some of the ball, but only after he makes Ferreira’s ankle contort in a way no ankle should after a double fracture. The Colombian was taken off on a stretcher and is slated for surgery, though a timetable for his return has not yet been set. Leathers wasn’t so much as booked for the challenge, which looked hard but good-spirited and simply ended with Ferreira’s ankle in the wrong position.

Seattle’s Steve Zakuani fell victim to a brutal tackle by a frustrated Brian Mullan of Colorado that earned him a red card and left the Seattle winger with a fractured tibia and fibula. The video is somewhat horrifying, especially when a writhing Zakuani turns over with his leg flexing in one too many places. Mullan is likely to face a lengthy suspension for his reckless lunge – five games seems fair to me – and Zakuani’s season may be over. MLS, meanwhile, will have to compensate for the loss of two entertaining stars and pivotal players on two would-be Western Conference contenders.

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