Posted by: mdegeorge | September 16, 2011

A weekend retreat for failing soccer players (VIDEO)

The weekend is almost upon us. For these two soccer players, it’s a badly needed — if not terribly deserved — respite. The question is, though, who needs it more.

The first contender is Artem Gomelko a Belorussian goalkeeper on loan from Lokomotiv Moscow to Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino. In a match against Dnepr Mogliev, Gomelko rather nonchalantly approaches a long shot by defender Anton Matsveenka that appears to be going wide of his post … until the 21-year-old stopper fails to line the shot up and deflects it into his own net while trying to casually one-hand it.

Then there’s Egyptian striker Amir Sayoud. The Al-Ahly player’s penalty fail, in which he tires to toe-poke the Egyptian turf before feebly nudging the ball off the spot in the process of falling flat on his face, is bad enough. But adding insult to injury is 1) his receipt of a yellow card for some type of violation in the taking of the kick, and 2) the 21-year-old’s subsequent loan just days later from the parent club to Al-Ismaily.

The verdict: Gomelko gets the edge for the bigger fail. After all, he turned a sure non-goal into a goal, while no penalty is a guarantee. But the booking and transfer make the circumstances of Sayoud’s blunder far more embarrassing.


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