A few of my favorite links…

I know how tough it is to find just the right sports site to tickle your fancy when you’ve got hours of time to kill, so I figured I’d share a few of my own favorites. Make sure to check back on a regular basis; I’ll be updating them periodically as I find so new ones.

The Concussion Blog

Head injuries have been all the rage…and the subject of plenty of rage lately…in sports as diverse as baseball, football, hockey and rugby. This blog does an excellent job of tracking all the latest information on this hot-button topic, from the latest injuries on the field to the latest studies and breakthroughs in the lab.

Jews in Baseball

This blog’s cutline just about says it all: “Exactly what it sounds like.” It’s a detailed look at the small contingent of Jewish baseball players plying their trade at the highest levels of the game, including frequent updates, historical perspectives, and insightful features.

Zags Blog

One of the best places to find out all you’d ever want to know about college basketball recruiting on the East Coast without having to enter a credit card. Daily updates year round, categories by each team, and analysis make it one of my first stops for recruiting news.


If you’re looking for the lighter side of sports, than it’s off to the UK for a site by and for people with way to much time on their hands and one frontal lobe in the gutter. It’s Sporno, the beautiful marriage of sports figures and awkward, pseudo-erotic candid photos. There are over 150 images, so brace yourself.

Lost Lettermen

For the lovers of nostalgia, Lost Lettermen keeps tabs on the college basketball and football stars of yesteryear as they trudge their way though virtual obscurity after their graduation.

Yanks Abroad

The second site on the list that sounds like a British porn site, Yanks Abroad follows American soccer stars through all their foreign club ports of call. It’s the perfect site for anyone who wants to check Alejandro Bedoya’s stats without renting a Swedish dictionary.

No No-Hitters

Possibly the Internet’s premier chronicler of Mets’ misery, this site keeps a running count of just how long it’s been since the team’s last no hitter in terms more exact than infinity.

The Financial Side of Sports

Understanding the vagaries of each of the four major sports’ particular contractual nuances can be difficult. For help, here a few guiding sites that help illuminate the process. If it’s baseball bucks you’re looking for, the comprehensive Cot’s Baseball Contracts is the place for you to go, with detailed team-by-team listings. In the NBA, HoopsHype has your answers. When it’s NHL numbers you’re seeking, it’s, well, NHLnumbers.com that’s best. The NFL is a little trickier (since no one knows what the heck is going on there), but a combination of WalterFootball and the USA Today database should help you get by.

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